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Homework isn't usually very fun, but it IS a necessary evil.  But, how do we get our cherubs excited about doing homework?   In my classroom I use HOMEWORK PUNCH CARDS!!  You when you go to your favorite coffee shop and they give you a "punch" for each cup of coffee you buy and then when you fill it up...FREE COFFEE!!  My kiddos get so excited to get their homework cards punched every week.  They get a hole punch for their math packet and another one for completing their reading log.  In a matter of weeks, they fill the thing up and receive a prize from the treasure box!!  They store their cards in a pouch inside their BEE Books (Bring Everything Everyday Binder) so they are ready to use them when needed.  It is super easy for me to whip out my hole puncher and punch away each of the cards.

The best part is that it really motivates my students to bring their homework on time every week.  If you are interested in trying this out, KEEP READING!!

I am so excited to promote my first real TpT product!!

My brand new Homework Incentives Pack includes everything you need to motivate your students to do their homework every week:  Punch Cards, Record Keeping Form, Reward Certificates, and a Hall of Fame poster to post the names of students who fill up each card.  Included in the pack are four designs:  Cool Cat, Busy Beaver, Homework Hound, and Go Bananas.  Here is a peek at my Cool Cat Design:

Here is a preview of the whole pack.  CLICK IT if you want to get started on this program RIGHT NOW!!


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  2. Oh my goodness!!! This is very exciting!! I'm on it!!

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