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50 Followers, A Freebie, and 2 Great Kidsites

I am so excited to have 54 followers!!  I am loving the blogging world and have already made a few blog friends (frogs?)

My school district is very diverse, so it's not really appropriate to do Christmas activities.  However, we all enjoy some snowman luv!  I have whipped up a Freebie for you in celebration of winter and my 50+ followers!  I hope you enjoy it:

Do your students love getting on the computer to visit a new website?  Do they also love some sweet competition among their pals?  Here are two websites that your students will LOVE LOVE LOVE!!  Mine can't seem to get enough of the friendly competition offered by these two sites.
Free games to make math fun
This is the ultimate FREE math website for kids.  It is really too good to be true!!  It offers math practice on the COMMON CORE standards for grade levels K-8.  The games are super fun and even addictive!!  You can set up lessons for your whole class or individual students.  The best part is that you can set up class competitions that last for any timeframe that you'd like to set up.  For example, I like to set up weekend competitions.  Since the kids can access the site from home, this works great!  On Monday, we come in and I put the leaderboard up on the projector to see who won!!  You can set up teams to compete or the kids can compete as individuals.  Students are rewarded with cyber treats like clothing and accessories for their personalized avatar.  To find out more, just go to their site and fool around.  Its even fun for grown-up teacher-types:)

This site is the ultimate reading motivator for your students, and it is also completely FREE!  Your kids read and then go on this site to take a comprehension quiz.  They have thousands of quizzes for almost every book you can imagine.  As your students pass those quizzes, they earn points that can be traded for actual prizes, many of which are downloadable goodies.  You can also set it up with your own prizes.  The site can also generate book lists to accommodate your students' interests and reading levels.  Their newest feature is that you can now set up class competitions, just like Sumdog.  If you want to see your kiddos read alot (say...over the winter break?)'ve got to check out this site.

I don't know what it's like where you are....but here in Michigan it is getting c- c- c- c- cold!!  My students are also getting tired of their bland daily bellwork.  I created these Winter Math Warm-Ups to perk them up a bit.  You can find them at my TpT store.

Have a great Friday!!

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