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January Currently

I can't believe another month..and another year has passed me by!

2013 has come in with a bang...literally.  On January 2, I was rear-ended.  I am okay, but my car is not.  I will be driving a rental car for a while and working extra hard on my TpT products to help pay the deductible on my insurance claim.  Ugg.

 To top it off..I have bronchitis...again!!  I would love to be able to get through one lesson with my class without a full-blown coughing fit.  As if teaching weren't hard enough already.


I loved my vacation, but I think it was a little too long (yep, you heard that correctly).  On Thursday, my first day back to school, after a really excellent writing mini-lesson with my students I asked if there were any questions, and one of my sweet little darlings raised her hand and said, "Mrs. O., you already taught us that."  Yep...I completely forgot that I had already done that mini-lesson in its entirety before break.  I asked the kids if it was better the first time or the second time, and they said the second time was I guess there's no harm done.  Too funny!!

So on to my currently....

It is so darn cold here in Michigan!!  My furnace isn't getting any kind of break just keeps going on and off every 2 minutes.   It is really old too...I hope it makes it through the winter!

I know I've said it before, but I just love my third grade class.  They came back from their break just as if it were any other day....full of smiles, great stories and ready to get back to our routine.  Nice.

My holiday decorations are still up and I'm not looking forward to taking them down and cleaning  the house...good thing I have teenagers who are so darn willing to help out (NOT!). 

Since I've started blogging and computer is getting a real workout!  My teens are feeling some angst since they don't get nearly the screen time they used to (after is MY computer).  I'm thinking about getting a second family computer...maybe.

My OLW...connection.  I don't always to a great job making time to connect with friends and family.  I usually wait for them to reach out to me.  This year I want to be a better sister, daughter, friend....and let those folks know how much they mean to me by reaching out more often and not taking them for granted.

That's about it!!  Have a great week everyone.....good TV starts this week...finally!!!

Love and Peace,


  1. Hi Kathy!!
    I'm your newest follower and also a third grade teacher! I found you through Farley's Currently LInky! All I have to say is that I hope you get better soon!! Being sick, with bronchitis is NOT fun while having to teach little kiddos :( Especially coughing fits..I hate those. Don't feel bad about your decorations because mine are still up too...haha. Hope the start of your 2013 turns around real soon :)
    Teaching in Paradise

  2. Found you through Farley! Glad to hear your students came back ready to go! Hoping my thrd graders do the same on Monday!

    Miss Rayburn's Class

  3. Your January sounds a lot like my December! Hope it starts to look up soon! I'm right with you on the computer. Some day!

  4. Good gravy girlie!!!!! I had no idea...saw you flitting around on Thursday and you looked as perky as ever.

    Hope you got some rest this weekend...see you tomorrow!

    Crisscross Applesauce in First Grade

  5. Flitting is my only gear Holly....someday I'm gonna learn a slower gear! Probably when I retire!