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You're Invited to Pin....Exciting New Collaborative Boards!!

Hello Friends,

Happy Winter!!  School is canceled AGAIN tomorrow!!  That will make our 6th snow/cold day this year!!  Cray-cray...right?!!

I am addicted to pinning and am very excited to start a few brand new collaborative boards geared toward Upper Elementary teachers (Grades 3-5).  I would love some of my amazing blogger friends to join.  If you are interested, please leave a comment, letting me know which boards you would like to join and leave your Pinterest link.  In order to receive an invite, you must be following at least one of my boards on Pinterest.

Here are the boards I've created....they are growing quickly!!

Stay warm friends....Spring is a long way away!!!

Love and Peace,

A Teacher's Notebook Giveaway and Fun Biography Resources

Just wanted to pop in and say hey there!!  I hope your January is going GREAT!  After all of those days off this month due to snow and cold, you'd think that I would be full of energy and ready to take on the second half of the school year.   But......I feel more tired and overwhelmed than ever.  At least we have a wonderful three-day weekend on the horizon...I will be thinking of the great Dr. King as I head into my classroom to catch up with things!

I wanted to let you all know about my giveaway at Teacher's Notebook.   Two lucky winners will receive my brand new Vocabulary Notebook.  Click on the picture below to enter!!

Also, while you are there....check out my new biography resources.  I cannot wait to use these in my own classroom when we do our biography study next month!!  Thank you to Melonheadz for their super cute clipart!!
Happy Friday everyone!!
Love and Peace,

January Currently and Academic Vocabulary

Happy New Year!!

It has been a while since I've joined Farley for a Currently!!

Hubby got inspired during his vacation and decided to finish our basement....we have two teens so it is a worthwhile project!!  They are already arguing over who will use it when....I'm not cleaning it...EVER...that's all I've got to say!!

School resumed on Thursday and then got canceled on Friday...woohoo!!  It's looking like we might get another day on Monday, with another 6-8 inches of snow and sub-zero temps.  I'm not complaining!!

Last summer we watched all of the Madmen seasons....and I absolutely fell in love with the show!! It's coming back with the final season this month and I can't wait!!  Don him and hate him!!

We have mid-year NWEA testing coming up at the end of the month....and it gives me anxiety!!  I work so hard all year and I really want my students to do well!!  I know "the test" shouldn't matter that much....but let's face matters!!  

I have been on full blown "but it all" and "eat it all" mode lately!!  Time to STOP!!  Time to get back to the diet and the budget!!   

Last month we lost our beloved beagle, Penny.  We adopted her 11 years ago and, although she was a handful, there is (and will be) no other dog like her.  She will be missed and remembered for a long time to come!

 The common core standards are very clear that "academic vocabulary" plays an important role in helping students to do well on standardized tests.  Students need to have a large working vocabulary including Tier 1, Tier 2 and Tier 3 words!  I am making a point of using a larger spectrum of vocabulary words when I am teaching and more importantly, finding ways of directly teaching those Tier 3 words!  I put together the following products to help.  Check it out!!
Love and peace,