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I Work with Superheroes

As the start of the school year looms, I have been thinking a lot about the wonderful folks that I work with.  Many of them I have been working with for a whole lotta years, and some just a few.  But they are all wonderful.  Every. Single. One.

Some really bad stuff happened in my life last year.  Really. Bad.  The worst.  Trying to be a teacher, while also fighting a proverbial "lion" was the most difficult thing ever.  Ever. Ever.  Everyday I heard comments like, "I don't know how you are doing it."  Or...."You are coping so are so strong!"

My secret is....I am not strong.  At all.  Just to be clear, I cried all the way to work every day and all the way home.  And then usually put on my jammies and climbed into bed early. Very early.  So that I could have another sleepless night.  Even though I was exhausted.

So how did I do it.  How am I still doing it?  I work with beautiful, kind, caring, thoughtful, wonderful, exceptional people.  The people I work with are teachers, social workers, principals, parents, students, media specialists, para-pros, and have many other titles.  And they are wonderful.   The people I work with are experts at helping to tame lions.  They said the right things.  They did the right things. Every. Day.  They got me through each day, one day at a time.

I don't know what I did to deserve it.....

The bad thing.....

or the kindness I received from my colleagues, parents and students.


Of course, my family and close friends got me through a lot too.  A whole lot.  But those beautiful superheroes that I work with got me through a year of teaching third grade while simultaneously dealing with a raging lion.  No. Easy. Feat.  They made it seem so easy though.

This blog post is for them.  I love them all so much.  I know I wasn't able to show my gratitude and I want to do that.  I know this post isn't enough....most will not even see it.  So my school year will be dedicated to paying it forward.  In small ways.

The lion has taught me that small things matter the most.  Small. Little. Things.  Small things can make a person smile when they're having a bad day.  Small things can make a person laugh when they are so mad they could spit.   Small things can make you see the beauty in the world.  Because small things are actually HUGE.

I came across this in my travels through cyber space (a place that comforts me as much as Chardonnay):

It was created by someone called Winged One (an angel?).  And I thought this would be a small way to start the movement.  I am sharing it here so that you can do the same with your beautiful people.  The Winged One has made it free at her TPT store (of course she has)!  So download it.  Right. Now.  and share the love like I plan to.

If you are familiar with the Lion and the Honey proverb, you know the moral of this blog post.  It's kind of a gross story (I mean eating honey out of the carcass of a dead lion...ewwww).  But.  Through my very difficult year, I have found honey in the lion.
Thank you for listening.  I wish you a happy school year, filled with a lot of "small things."

Kathy O.


  1. I wish you a shiny, fresh new year. It is so wonderful to have people around who help us through the tough times that would be too much to handle on our own. I almost quit this year due to a couple of "lions" of my own, but with support and encouragement, got through and am looking forward to returning in the fall. Thanks for this post. It really touched my heart. It, and your other blog posts that I've read since following you a couple of months ago, have been really helpful. Keep your chin up. You have lots to offer!
    Always Primary

  2. Thank you so much made my day! Have a great school year; I am glad you didn't quit!