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How do you start your day?

Mornings can be a crazy time in the life of a mom and elementary school teacher.  I really love my mornings.  Nothing feels better than a fresh start and that is what each new day offers.

I wake up to hot coffee and two dogs that are always so flippin glad to see me!  Oh...and one teenager, who isn't always that glad to see me (at least not in the morning).

Here are some of my favorite "before school" morning things.....

or on a really special morning.....
These two cuties.....

Lately, I've been putting on these VERY comfortable shoes....they are kind of dorky, but they make my feet so happy!
I listen to these guys on the way in...good for a laugh or two.

I park the car, grab my many, many bags, and walk into the's usually dark.

I've been at the same school for 16 years now, so it is always comforting to walk through those doors in the morning.  It's like my home away from home.  LOL!

Once I'm at work, my routine is pretty consistent....

I write the agenda the student planner for students to copy from the Smartboard.

Pass out their bellwork.  I like to give students a combination of language and math practice work.  Check out my new Language Morning Work....

Sometimes I will pass back student work from the previous day.  I do like to get completed work back to students as quick as possible.  This makes the feedback that I give them much more meaningful, and they are better able to apply the feedback to the current day's work.

At around 8:25 the bell never fails to ring....ready or not!!  I am ALWAYS at the classroom door when they arrive.  I say "good morning" and give a smile to each and every student.  This is soooo important.  It lets them know that I am glad to see them and that I care about them.  It is also a great time to make small talk with students to help set them at ease for a positive day of learning!  Those students that always seem just a little bit anxious, always seem to relax when they see me smiling at the door with something nice to say.  Nothing will stress a kid out more than coming into a classroom where the teacher is running around trying to get to those last minute things, ignoring students because she is too busy.  Or worse....a teacher that is not yet there and students enter a teacher-less classroom.  (Was that a rant?)
When students enter my classroom they chat a bit with friends, but then get right to business.  They are expected to complete their planner and bellwork.   Some students receive breakfast, so this throws a bit of a wrinkle into things...but we manage to get it all done in 15-20 minutes.  During this time, our school will have morning announcements via television!  This morning t.v. program is mostly run by students but our principal always has some wisdom to share each day.  We say the pledge and then we go over the bell work together.

Then we are off to our morning meeting!  We all sit on the floor in a big circle and then one student will start a greeting.  They can choose a handshake, high-five, pinky shake or fist bump.  They each say good morning to the person sitting next to them, making sure to lock eyes as they greet one another.  Nothing says, "I care" like eye contact!!  Then a few students share news.  Each student in my class has a "news day" during the week.  They are welcome to tell about anything they like, but are not allowed to bring items to share.  I will usually share some news at the end, and then we do some type of fun energizer to get everybody up on their feet and laughing.  Nothing starts the day off better than laughter!  Sometimes we just turn on GoNoodle instead....we LOVE the KOO KOO brothers!

Here is a FREEBIE for you packed with lots of fun ways to get your kids moving and laughing....

By now we have greeted our friends, laughed, given lots of hugs, moved our bodies and gotten our brains warmed up.  We are ready to start a day filled with new learning!!

I hope you enjoyed this glimpse into my morning.  How do you start your day??

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  1. Hi Kathy,
    I loved reading about your morning - I'm such a Nosy Nelly so reading some something like this is right up my alley. I love when Mel is on the announcements - seeing her face always makes me smile. I hope you're having a great break! I'm going into school tomorrow...will you be there!?!


    Holly :)