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Happy New Year!

Happy New Year!  I am sitting here in my PJs on New Year's Day and was thinking about what's important for me this year.   I was thinking that I really need and want to put ME first this year.  I have so many things that I have put on the back burner for the past year or so, and I want to start to move forward on some things that make me happy.  I thought I'd share these with you so that I get them down in writing....kind of makes it more official!


I have been a slug lately and it doesn't feel good.  It feels BAD.  I'm not talking about training for a marathon, or joining a crazy boot camp.  I just want to incorporate exercise and movement into my daily life.  I haven't always been a slug.  In fact, there was a time in my life when I was in GREAT shape and it felt so good.  I want to get back to that.  I know it is good for me, both physically and mentally!


I know these first two things are so cliche for new year's day, but I also know that they are the key to my true happiness.  I have given up "poisonous" foods before, such as sugar, sugar substitutes, white flour, grains, and processed foods.  It is the "secret" to my well-being.  Those poisonous foods make me feel sad, anxious, fat, slow, and mentally clogged.  Not to mention bloated...ugh.  So, why do I keep going back to them?  I think I am done with that...not just for a few weeks but forever (???!!! did I just make a commitment?).  You heard it it's in writing!


I am a bit of an introvert.  Okay...more than just a bit.  I am SHY and socially awkward.  I am sure most people feel that way, but it holds me back in a lot of ways.  I say no to things when I really want to say yes.  I really love people, but they scare me in a lot of ways.  I want to be liked and respected and fun and I put way too much pressure on myself to be those things.  So, I am going to be "Yes Woman".  Or at least I am going to try.....


I started this thing and I want to take it more seriously.  I enjoy it so I want to do it more.  Nuff said.


I enjoy creating things...especially things that other beautiful teacher people appreciate and find useful.  TPT has been a special part of my life that's just for me.  It gives me a connection to colleagues around the world, some extra spending money, and it is something that makes me feel good about myself.  I haven't put as much time into my store as I'd like.  I have decided that I want to give it the attention and focus that it deserves....not just as a hobby.


I love fashion.  I am definitely NOT a fashionista....but I'd like to be!!  I want to improve my wardrobe and fill my closet with less frumpy things and more sexy/edgy things.  I don't plan to spend too much money on this (if that's possible), but much more time than I have in the past.  I will not be wearing heels and dresses to work any time soon....I'm talking about taking a few baby some darn cute boots!


My husband and my son deserve a better me.  I want to spend more quality time with them both this year.  My son is growing up and changing so fast.  Soon, he will be a man and I will have to nag him to call me once in a while.  My husband has a lot of health issues and life can be difficult for him.  I want to make some happy memories together this year.  I think maybe a family vacation is in order......

My daughter passed away in 2014, under some pretty traumatic circumstances.  I'd like to spend time with her too this year....working it all out....healing, forgiving and being forgiven too.  That's a journey that will go well beyond 2016.


There is something about the ocean that touches my soul.  Seeing it, standing in it, hearing it.....centers me and helps me to re-prioritize my life.  I plan to visit the ocean this year....even if I have to drive.....from Michigan.......across the country!  As a matter of fact, I'd like to set a goal of visiting the ocean once every year!

I am sure there is more that I'd like to do this year....but those are the things that I've been pondering.  I know most of you come here to my blog for teaching ideas and I hope you don't mind that I've just talked about ME!  I'd love to hear about your hopes and dreams for 2016.  Don't be shy....get it down in writing!

I know this doesn't exactly follow the CURRENTLY formula....but I am linking up anyways (I'm already taking new risks in 2016...LOL!)!


  1. Those are some great goals for this year! I am also wanting to do more for me this year. Hope you get to see the ocean every year!

  2. I'm sorry for all that you've had to deal with the past couple of years with your daughters' passing. I can't even imagine. I love your goals and your outlook! Wishing you all the best & happiness in 2016 :)


  3. Kathy,
    Your spirit each day, is such a blessing to me - you'll never know how your strength and vulnerability combined have touched who I am, the decisions I make, and the parent that I try so very hard to be....I think about you more than you know {and not in an odd stalkerish way, of course}. I'm right there with you - I can be uber awkward but I'm starting to embrace that more and more the older I get. Hugs to you...are you going to the upcoming social event... blank, blank, Bingo?

    1. Thank you Holly. You have no idea how much the support of you and all of the KB family means to me. Hugs to you too and yes, I am going on first "yes" of the year! I went in to school on Tuesday and may just go back in today...just for mental preparation. LOL!

    2. Stumbled across this looking for ideas with my "thirties" (as you say), and informative writing ideas.
      As I glazed over some other things on your site, I wanted to find out more about you. I was stuck in your 2013 decade. I wasn't sure if you were still placing things up and then found this. Wow...
      Is all I could think. I live up north like you do and I too, made a New Years list. It isn't something I usually do. One big similairty we have, is the ocean. You described exactly how I feel about it. Another goal for me is family, I need to spend more time with my son.
      You're inspiring to say the least. I almost passed on taking a vacation next month so I can save money and just focus on more work. Then I saw this and said nope! Thanks Kathy, I needed to see and hear someone like you. I definitely need a vacation by the ocean and I will be driving to it. Lol
      I'm really sorry to hear about your daughter. Strength, courage, peace and the ability to take something from it that guides and moves you is what I will be praying for...for you and your family.
      Keep up the great work....
      I love, love your ideas, and the passion I can see and hear behind them all. Nobody has moved me through TPT like this.
      Thank you & Happy New Year! I hope you reach all your personal goals!

    3. Hello there,

      I want to thank you for your comments. It is funny how a complete stranger can make your day! I hope you (whoever you are) have a joyful 2016!

  4. Wishing you strength this year...but you are already stronger than you think.

    You have some great's to meeting them head-on!