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New Products...and HUGE Giveaway ends Friday

It was back to work this week after a nice, long Spring Break.  It has been raining since we've been back and the kids have been inside for recess.....but that said, it hasn't been so bad.  Really!!  I love the tail-end of the school year because my thirdies are almost fourth graders and they are really seeming like "big kids" now.  We can get so much done in the course of a school day compared to the first half of the school year!!

We are knee-deep in non-fiction text and loving every minute of it.  We are reading and writing informational text at the moment and my students are really into it.  Lucy Calkins, in her reading units, told us to "Rev up our minds" to get reading to read non-fiction and they loved that so much that it got me thinking about some new posters and anchor charts.  I have been working on a new resource bundle and it is finally done (at least for now)!  Check it out!!

So cute...70 pages of posters, anchor charts and graphic organizers!!

I can't wait to whip these out next week with my kiddies...their minds will be revved!!

I am also a member of our school's Green Team.  We meet with a conscientious bunch of thirdies after school twice each month to work on making our school more "green".  I'm mostly along for the ride since my teaching buddy does most of the work.  However, we wanted to do something special for Earth Day and I created Reader's Theater.  Of course, I knew I would also make it available at my TpT store.  It includes character cards that can be made into necklaces or stick puppets.  If you need an activity for Earth Day...check it out!

Celebrate Earth Day on April 22!!

Now for a funny story....we were looking up our spelling words in dictionary and one of the words was "colonel".  I asked the kids, "Have you heard of Colonel Sanders?"  Not one of them had!!  My buddy teacher came in during this conversation and said...."you know....KFC....big bucket of fried chicken?"  One of my students says, "Oh yeah....KFC...I know THAT guy!!"  I just burst out laughing!!  I guess I am from an "older generation"!!

Don't forget to enter my Giveaway!!  It ends Friday!!

Love and peace,

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  1. Finger lickin' good!

    We were reviewing different types of sentences this week. I was saying sentences aloud and they were deciding which type of punctuation was of my sentences: My hair is {and I paused for a moment} and one of my little cuties must have thought it was fill in the blank, said "Pretty gray"...

    Oh boy...

    Happy Friday Eve, Kathy!

    Crisscross Applesauce in First Grade


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