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10 Awesome Jamboard Ideas for Teaching Reading! {AND A JAMBOARD FREEBIE}

Have you tried Jamboarding yet!  Yes, I just said "Jamboarding."  LOL!  The things that come out of my mouth (or from my keyboard) this year are certainly new and surprising!  But, seriously, if you have not yet tried this cool tech tool in your remote teaching, you are really missing out!  The possibilities are virtually endless, but in this post I will show you 10 exciting ideas for using Jamboard in your reading instruction that will keep your students engaged and asking for more!

Jamboard Basics

Check out this video for a very quick tutorial on how to setup and use Jamboard!

1.  Making Words

Jamboard is perfect for all kinds of word study activities!  You can insert letters and words onto the sticky notes and use them for making and breaking words, sorting, matching and much more!

I've included this "magnetic letter" Jamboard as a FREE GIFT to you!!  Make a copy first and then use it to create your own word study lessons for your students!

2.  Word/Picture Sorts

Sorting is a perfect activity to do on a Jamboard!  You can sort words and picture, depending upon the learning objective.  It's so easy to create a sticky note with the words, or click on add image and select whatever picture you need directly from Google Images.

3.  Stop and Jot

Jamboard is the perfect way to capture your students' thinking during a read-aloud!  Pose a thought-provoking question and have students jot their thinking on stickies and add them to the board.  This can be done with a small group or your whole class.  Students love to see the responses of their friends.  You can create several Stop and Jots for one book by adding (up to 20) pages to the board - this is a great way to track your student's thinking throughout the read-aloud.

4.  Character Traits and Changes

Use Jamboard to create concept maps and charts for your character unit!  This is a great collaborative activity, allowing your students to share their thinking about characters with their peers as you share a read-aloud.

5.  Text Features

Use a scanner or your snipping tool to capture images of text and then upload into a Jamboard.  Now students can use the Jamboard tools to highlight, label, and add sticky notes to identify text features! This works great as an independent (asynchronous) activity or as an interactive part of your lesson on text features.  The wonderful thing is that you will be able to revisit the board again and again just as you would an anchor chart in your classroom!

6.  Introduce New Vocabulary

I love using Jamboard to introduce and/or review new vocabulary from the books we are reading.  An image is worth a thousand words, so why not use the Google Image feature in Jamboard to have your students better understand new vocabulary!

7.  Summarizing

Summarizing is a high-impact instructional strategy, and something that we work on all year long!  There are so many ways to use Jamboard to reinforce those summarizing skills!  Upload images of your favorite summarizing graphic organizers and students can add text boxes and stickies quickly and easily!

8.  Sentence Construction

Sentence construction strategies are so important to the writing development of students!  But it can be difficult to find the time to weave this into your curriculum.  I love using mentor sentences and simple sentence combining activities like this one!  Students also find this to be VERY FUN!!

9.  Annotating Text

Close-reading is another high-impact reading strategy!  Jamboard allows students to annotate text you've uploaded as an image quite easily.  They can highlight, draw, box, and add text and stickies!  This is a perfect activity for students to demonstrate their understanding of a text and/or prepare for a conversation about their book.

10. KWL

K-W-L is a strategy that can be used in so many ways and helps students to use their prior knowledge to make connections with new learning!  It's so easy in Jamboard!

These are just a few ways you can use Jamboard with your class!  It is a perfect digital tool for both in-person and remote learning!  I hope you found these ideas helpful and it got you thinking about even more ways you could use Jamboard!  I'd love to hear your ideas - jot them in the comments!  

I've created some ready-to-go Jamboards for word study that are available in my TPT shop!  These are available in a cost-effective bundle, or individually!

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