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Teaching Writing Remotely - Strategies that Work!

Hello friends!!  I hope you are well and navigating the pandemic as best as you can.  It has certainly been a year for the books!

Chances are, you have been immersed into a world of online teaching at some point this year and it has likely had its ups and downs in terms of success.  Teaching writing remotely has been one of the biggest hurdles for many elementary school teachers for a variety of reasons. There are so many things to consider:  
  • How will students manage their materials from home?
  • How will they turn in assignments?
  • Will they type their work?
  • How will I confer with students and provide opportunities for them to collaborate about their writing? 
It is enough to make your head hurt...just a little.  It is almost enough to make you want to give not teach writing this year.  That makes my heart hurt.  

If you follow my blog, you know that I am very passionate about writing.  When we teach students how to effectively express themselves in writing we are giving them a voice in the world - a way to express themselves - a way to make a difference and to impact powerful change in their own lives and the lives of others.  No small thing, especially now.  So, yes, it makes my heart sad to think about NOT teaching writing this year.  

My hope is that today's blog post will provide you with some key tools that might make remote writing instruction not just possible - but engaging, motivating and fun!  

I've embedded a few really wonderful and helpful FREEBIES - so be on the lookout!