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Market Day and Freebie for Summer

Busy, busy, busy!!  We are very busy at school, but enjoying our last weeks together.

This past week we had our annual Market Day event!  All of our third graders design and create a Michigan product to sell.  It is a social studies project and since we study the great state of Michigan in third grade, the students had to create a product that was somehow tied to Michigan.   They then "rent" store space and posterboard to create their shop sign and get set up to sell!

They have been busy earning "Koala Dollars" (Koala is our school mascot) for the past month or so with good classroom behavior and by doing their classroom jobs, so many of them have stockpiled quite a stash of cash.  Some students spent quite a bit on the premium selling locations in the classroom, which were auctioned to the highest bidders.

They did an amazing job on their products and everyone had a great time selling.  Our parents and the second graders were invited to come in to shop.  We ended Market Day with a close-out dollar sale....most of the kids sold everything and went home with tons of loot purchased from their classmates!  I went home exhaused on Friday, but it was a great learning experience for the kids and a lot of fun!  Here are some pictures of their stores:

Next week we visit our state capitol in Lansing, Michigan.....great field trip!

Are you looking for a great way to keep your kiddos reading this summer?  I have put together this freebie for you:

Click HERE to get it!!

Also, if you haven't checked out really should.  It is a great web-based reading incentive program for kids and it is FREE!!  They have leveled book lists, book quizzes, links to buy books, free downloadable prizes and more!  Teachers can access their student reading progress and can even create their own reading incentive prizes.  It is perfect for summer!

Here are few more new products:

This one is FREE!!

Have a great week!!
Love and peace,

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  1. Hi Kathy. I'm writing to thank you for your Expert book project. I recommended it on my blog and showed some of my student work samples. I would be so honored if you checked out my blog:

    I know that you're on vacation - not us - we're in school until June 26th. Hope you're enjoyed your well-earned summer vacation, Susan


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