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Peek Into My Classroom

When it comes to classrooms, I can be quite a voyeur.  I love to see how other teachers set up their just fascinates me!  Sometimes when I'm at school on a Saturday, I will sneak into other classrooms, just to have a peek (shhhhh).  It is so great that so many teachers blog about their classrooms and post pictures on Instagram. 

My iphone 4 takes some pretty awful photographs, but here are some photos I snapped of my corner of the world.

I updated my classroom library with new baskets and labels...makes me soooo happy!

Our Friends and Family Tree!

My kiddos did some great writing about their Summer Memories for our first hallway display!

Our first few anchor charts for reading.  In the background is our novel wall (really a cupboard).  We are reading Because of Winn Dixie and we track our thinking here on the wall (cupboard)!  You can also see our science stuff there next to the sink...we are germinating seeds in mini-sprouters, without soil!

 Our Safe Place

 Writing Reference Wall (just getting started there).

 Our Classroom Commitments...they came up with these on their own! (Don't look at the typo, please...noticed it too late and it was too much work to start over).

 Teacher Organization keep me sane!  I keep all of my lesson plans and materials in bins by subject so they are always on hand.  Otherwise, I spend all day looking for what I need.

 Personal Narrative Writing Anchor Chart
(long way to go on this one).
Our writing binders...stored by table.
(We just love having the playground right outside our window...NOT!)
 Writing Binder Cover

A glance on the our new yellow drafting pads!
 We keep our unit rubric tucked in the back of the binder.

 My stick pick jar...trying to get away from hand-raising this much more effective!

 Starting student data notebooks this year...we'll see how that goes!

Self-selected reading boxes plus our reader's notebook binders!

The only thing missing here are 24 third graders!!

Hope your school year is off to a great start!  
Love and peace,


  1. If you sneak into my room - could you clean it for me? Thanks!


    Crisscross Applesauce in First Grade

  2. What a fun room! I love that so cute! My mom was a 4th grade teacher for years and I always loved helping her set up her room each year.


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