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{Frustrating} Student Writing Problems and How to Solve Them - A Blog Series

I LOVE teaching is really my favorite subject to teach (as many of my readers already know)!  However, it isn't always peaches and cream, is it?  Sometimes writer's workshop can be the most frustrating time of the day!  When students struggle with writing, many teachers are at a loss for how to best help them....and that leads to bad feelings about writing...for both teachers and students!

This series will address some of the writing issues that I have encountered with my students {and I'm sure that you have too} and some strategies that have worked to solve them!

I debated about making this one LONG post or several short ones, and decided that short, frequent posts would be most helpful!  So.....over the next couple weeks I will post SIX blog topics, each focusing on a different writing problem {and solutions} including...

So....stay tuned for topic number one coming up in a few days...

What DO you do, when you have a student who REFUSES to write?  I've got some great tips to offer and I hope to engage you all in some conversation as well...cause I know you've got GREAT IDEAS too!

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