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My Classroom

This is from classroom setup 2015. I will update this come on back to see what's new!

I had only a few days to set up this year.  I always come back to a very, VERY clean and shiny (but undone) classroom that looks like the picture below.  Makes me tired just looking at it.  We are allowed to keep our bulletin board paper on if we so desire...which is really nice since I detest doing that job!

After a bit of elbow grease...not too much!

Looking pretty good after just one day of setting up....

My classroom library is my pride and joy...a whole teaching career of collecting and organizing books:

Freshly printed genre bright and clean...

Our math word wall....all set to go for our first unit on graphing....

We use community supplies...the only way to go with elementary students!  It eliminates the pencil cartel and the marker kingpins....

This table houses the famous "blue basket" that EVERYTHING goes into (which makes the question, "Where does this go?" really easy to figure out).  Also, you can find the pencil sharpener, extra pencils, hand sanitizer, tissues, glue sticks, and scissors in this spot!  Underneath the table are the bins that I use to store math workshop station materials.  Just bought five more, which will give me a total of 15, which will work perfect for our math stations.  Got them at Costco...for cheap!

I keep my leveled books in these baskets...most of the multiple copies of leveled readers that I use for guided reading I printed from Reading A-Z!  I usually print out 5-6 copies of each book, staple them together and then save them in ziploc baggies.

These table labels really make it easy to randomly pick student helpers, create partners, call on "volunteers", and lots of cooperative learning activities!!  I got them free on TPT from Neat, Sweet and Hard to Beat

These are student book boxes.  They are labeled with student numbers and stored on short little two-tiered shelves in our meeting area...

This is my organization station....I am a little bit hair-brained during a school day, trying to juggle math, reading, science....etc!  These bins give me a place to shove put things so that I can find them when I need them!  I absolutely HATE piles!

and finally....a point of pride.... I am trying out Debbie Diller's model for literacy work stations this year, and created this work stations can purchase this at my TPT store for just a few dollars and cents!

I hope your school year is rockin and a good way!

Enjoy the rest of your weekend!

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